Terms of Sales

Vendor ID

20 Lepanto Street
06000 NICE

Registration in the commercial register: 425 122 215 000 14

Such. : 04 93 534 124

Email: commercial@pointernergie.fr

Telephone reception opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Applicable law-disputes

Any order sent to Point Energie by any means whatsoever implies the unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale. It is up to each customer, professional or individual, to read the general conditions of sale of the company Point Energie before placing an order. Orders are subject to French law.

The contractual information is presented in French and the products offered for sale comply with French regulations. If necessary, it is up to the foreign customer to check with the local authorities the possibilities of using the product he plans to order; Point Energie cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the regulations of a foreign country where the product is delivered.

In the event of a dispute, the French courts have sole jurisdiction. In the context of a dispute between the company Point Energie and all other companies, only the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the judicial order of Nice may be retained.

Presentation of the products

The characteristics of the products offered for sale are presented on the website http://www.pointenergie.com (hereinafter called “the site”). The photographs do not enter the contractual field.

The responsibility of the company Point Energie cannot be engaged if errors are introduced. All the texts and images presented on the site are reserved, for the whole world, under copyright and intellectual property rights; their reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited without the formal agreement of Point Energie.

Similarly, any establishment of hypertext links to the site without the express authorization of the legal representative of the company is strictly prohibited.

- Duration and validity of sales offers:
The products are offered for sale while stocks last. In the event of an order for a product that has become unavailable, the customer will be informed of this unavailability, as soon as possible, by e-mail, fax or post.

Product prices

The prices appearing in the catalog are prices including VAT in euros taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order (excluding reseller access); any change in the rate may be passed on to the price of the products or services.

The prices and products offered by SARL Point Energie are subject to change each week, it being understood, however, that the price appearing in the catalog on the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer.
The prices indicated include order processing and packaging costs provided that they take place in the geographical areas provided for below.

The prices applied on the site are in no way applicable to the different store of the sign.

Geographical area:

The online sale of the products and services presented on the site is reserved for buyers who reside in France and Monaco, in Europe and in the DOM-TOMs and for deliveries required in these geographical areas. The shipping costs are different depending on the weight of the products ordered and the place of delivery. They are calculated automatically during the validation of your basket.


The customer accepts the general conditions of sale at the time of the choice of payment.

He then accepts the ordering process and these general conditions of sale. Point Energie confirms the order by e-mail; this confirmation includes all the elements of the order.

Point Energie sends a second e-mail on the day of shipment to inform the buyer. The data recorded by Point Energie constitutes proof of the nature, content and date of the order.
This is archived by Point Energie; the customer can access this archive by contacting Customer Service by email. Regarding orders by fax from companies, only pro-forma invoices or estimates from Point Energie duly signed by a legal representative and accompanied by the words "Good for agreement, read and approved" as well as the company stamp. customer will be taken into account.


The price is payable when ordering.

Payments will be made:

  • Either by credit card; they will be carried out through the secure system of Crédit Mutuel so that the information transmitted is encrypted by software and that no third party can read it during transport on the network. Point Energie does not receive a copy of the number of the credit card used, it remains confidential between the customer and the Crédit Du Nord bank.
  • Either by bank check which will accompany the order form to be printed on our site. A photocopy of your ID is required for shipping the goods. To guarantee the availability of the order before receipt of your check, Point Energie strongly advises you to make a reservation by email after your order. This system will allow you to prepare your order while waiting for your payment to be received.
  • Or by bank transfer. After receiving your transfer, we send you the equipment.
The order validated by the customer will only be considered effective by Point Energie when the bank payment centers concerned have given their agreement.

In the event of refusal by the said centers, the order will be automatically canceled and the customer will be notified by telephone, mail or email.
All orders will be confirmed by return email.
Furthermore, Point Energie reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute.
An invoice will be systematically sent to the buyer on paper showing the VAT.


The delivery of the products available in our stocks is carried out (except imponderable related to the transport under contract):

  • in two working days minimum for mainland France
  • according to the usual postal delay for the other countries of the euro zone (as well as for Corsica, the DOM TOM, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) and this from:
    - the order date for payment by credit card before 4 p.m.
    - receipt of payment by Point Energie in the event of payment by check or bank transfer.

The risks associated with transport are borne by the buyer who, in the event of damage and/or missing equipment noted upon receipt, will make all the usual reservations with the carrier and will inform Customer Service within 24 hours. of Point Energie by:

  • Email: commercial@pointernergie.fr
  • Such. : 04 93 53 41 24
  • Mail: Point Energie - 20 rue Lépante - 06000 NICE

Parcel forwarding is borne by the buyer. A participation for the treatment of the file fees will be to be paid in the following cases:

  • Any package shipped, not claimed by the buyer and returned by the carrier to the company Point Energie may be reshipped at the buyer's expense.
  • Any package reshipped following incorrect entry of contact details or following an order error attributable to the buyer, may be reshipped at the buyer's expense.

Late delivery

Unless expressly agreed by the customer, contact us by:

  • Email: commercial@pointernergie.fr
  • Such. : 04 93 53 41 24
  • Mail: Point Energie - 20 rue Lepante - 06000 NICE

In the absence of delivery within thirty days from the date of the order, the customer will be informed as soon as possible, by e-mail, by fax or by post of the impossibility of delivery.

The order would then be considered com2m030e canceled and the payments that would have been made by any means whatsoever would be reimbursed by check in euros within a maximum period of thirty days.

Major force

Point Energie cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any breach of its contractual obligations in the event of force majeure for the following events, without their enumeration being exhaustive: internal or external strike, disasters , delay in our supply and in general any event affecting and making impossible the normal execution of orders.

After sales service

For any information, question or complaint, the customer can contact the Customer Service of the company Point Energie by:

  • Email: commercial@pointernergie.fr
  • Such. : 04 93 53 41 24
  • Mail: Point Energie - 20 rue Lépante - 06000 NICE

Condition and application of the guarantee

Consumer Product Warranty Terms and Conditions (for European Union)

Any consumer product is guaranteed for 24 months against any production or material defect from the date of effective acquisition; if the complaint is justified and the repair or replacement of an item is deemed impossible, or when the costs prove to be disproportionate, Point Energie is authorized to replace the said item with an equivalent item or to reimburse all or part of of the purchase price. If applicable, you will be granted a replacement item or a full refund of the purchase price in the event of a defect within 1 year after purchase and delivery, or a replacement item for 50% of the price. purchase price or reimbursement of 50% of the purchase price in the event of a defect after 1 to 2 years.

Are therefore excluded:

  • any direct or indirect damage occurring to the article after delivery (eg damage linked to oxidation, shock, fall, dust, sand, impurity, etc.) and caused by the device, as well as its contents (eg . loss of data) and possible compensation for loss of income;
  • Any consumer good or accessory, or part that requires regular replacement such as batteries, light bulbs, rubber parts, belts, etc. (unlimited list);
  • Any damage resulting from fire, lightning, accident, natural disaster, etc. ;
  • Any damage caused by negligence, intentional or not, improper use or maintenance, or use of the device contrary to the manufacturer's instructions;
  • Any damage due to commercial, professional or collective use of the device (the warranty period will be reduced to 6 months during professional use);
  • Any damage to the device which results from incorrect or different use than that for which it was initially intended as described in the instructions;
  • Any damage caused by the return of the device packaged in unprotected or insufficiently protected packaging.
  • Any repair or modification carried out by a third party without the explicit authorization of Point Energie;
  • Transport costs from and to Point Energie if the device is no longer covered under the guarantee.
  • Any repairs will be provided by the place of purchase. The device must necessarily be accompanied by the original purchase receipt and be duly packaged (preferably in the original packaging with mention of the defect);
  • Advice: consult the manual and check cables, batteries, etc. before returning the device. A returned device found to be defective and found to be in good working order may be subject to a cost note payable by the consumer;
  • A repair carried out outside the warranty period will be subject to
  • Transportation costs;
  • Any commercial guarantee does not affect the aforementioned conditions.

List above can be modified according to the article (see the notice of the article in question).

During professional use:

Devices used almost daily for profit or any other commercial benefit, fall under the category "professional use" and include devices used regularly in the sector of hotels, restaurants and cafes, commercial business, nightclubs, etc. Due to their frequent use resulting in premature wear, the warranty in force is reduced to 6 months. Any commercial guarantee does not affect the aforementioned conditions.

Right to retract

The individual customer only has seven clear days (if the seventh day expires on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday or non-working day, the period is extended until the first following working day) from delivery to return the product, the costs return being at his expense.
He is then reimbursed for the price of the product within a maximum of thirty days from the date of return of the product to the premises of the company Point Energie.
However, products returned incomplete, damaged or defective due to mishandling, will not be taken back or exchanged.

Data Privacy

The personal data provided by the customer is not disseminated to a third party; they are, unless expressly opposed by the customer, integrated into the customer file of the company Point Energie.

This website is officially registered with the CNIL under the number: 1495764.

In accordance with law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, modified on August 6, 2004, the customer has at any time a right of access and rectification. To exercise this right, simply contact Point Energie Customer Service by:

  • Email: commercial@pointernergie.fr
  • Such. : 04 93 53 41 24
  • Mail: Point Energie - 20 rue Lépante - 06000 NICE